Best of Awards

Best Engine Pete Torensma 56 Chevy, club Low Class  
Best Graphics Truck Jesse Short Toybox Fallen Fantasies  IMG_5565
Best Graphics Van Jamie Lightfoot, Econoline Vans of Anarchy  IMG_5004
Best Paint Jim Thorne S-10 2nd Glance   IMG_5570
Best Theme Don Rose, Rose Royce High by Night  IMG_5699
Best Interior Truck Jamie Foote Madillac Fallen Fantasies  
Best Interior Van, Bruce Beal, Tinker Maritime Van Council  
Best Exterior Truck Jeff Watson Lei'd Out Low Life  
Best Exterior Van Larry Floss Salt City Vans   
Best Under Construction Nathan Yacabino 47 International  
Best Engineered Bob Ward 52 GMC   IMG_5790
Best of Show Truck Rick Ivanchuk 46 Willys   IMG_5466
Best of Show Van Glen Tusch Glass Eagle   IMG_5537




 All the show pictures are here !




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