From The Head Office Of Vanfest (June 13, 2013)

I've always said bigger is better and you did not let us down. 400 thru the gate 190 in 1 hell of a show and shine.WOW WOW WOW there's so much I want to say to all of you who made this event what it is today Canada's Largest Custom Van & Truckshow. I'll start by thank you all who attended for the weekend you left the park like we found it . John Mata from Mini Truckin Magazine for coming out to shoot the event and party with us,our sponsors ,vendors ,and all the people who volunteered a little bit of there time to help us out.This show has grown yr after yr in attendance ,so we must be doing something right.Everybody's already asking us what's the theme for next yr Vanfest 19 June !3-15.Well we are workin' on that right now and we will let ya know very soon. There's more I want to say but it's time to relax and wind down so I'll talk to you all in a couple of days with some news about next yr and how much we raised for the food bank thanks again for everything you have done for us
Yours truly


Vanfest 2013 photo gallery is now up !



Vanfest 2013 Best of Awards


Best Engine
James Margeson - Day to Nite from LowKey Design

Best Graphics Truck
Lee Costodio - Cruzin Lo from Unleaded Sleds

Best Graphics Van
Nicole Seeger - Rolling Stoned - Independant

Best Paint
Adam Glassford - Old Econo

Best Mural
Ken Surgent - Time Traveller from St. Thomas

Best Interior Truck
Jamie Foote - Madillac from Fallen Fantasies

Best Interior Van
Doug Pellegrine - Eyes of a Stranger from Toronto

Best Exterior Truck
Ken Kurtz's 52 Ford from St. Jacobs

Best Exterior Van
Dave Larue - Star Dreamer from Ramblin Vans of Minnesota

Under Construction
Gary Donkers - "The Frame" (AKA Money Pit) from Acrophobia

Best Van
Glenn Tusch - Glass Eagle from London

Best Truck
Cory Hassey from Acrophobia

Best of Bright and Shine
James Milgeson - Day 2 Night from Low Key Design