From The Head Office Of Vanfest

August 19,2018

Well here we go again, we have started putting the touch's on Vanfest 24 and already we're getting great responses to next yrs event. Vanfest is pleased to welcome back to the staff Stacey Arrowsmith, welcome back! Stay tuned cause we have a lot of stuff planned to announce shortly.



June 12, 2018

Well what can I say, that was awesome! 462 thru the gate another record breaking year. Thank you thank you thank you. Now here is a time to voice your opinion to use so we can make this show better. I want your feedback either here on Facebook or message me privately and I will reply personally. To all the new 1st timers I hope you had a great time at they event .I am leaving on vacation this week with my lovely wife as we celebrate 25 yrs.and yes it did fall close to Vanfest. When I get back I will start replying to you. This is what keeps this show going you guys and gals .I know we have some issues to deal with and trust me they will be answered, this can only make this event so much better. See you in a week and look forward to your comments
yours truly
Kevin Lundy



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