Vanfest 25 June 9-12 2022  pre-reg
Pre-reg info for Vanfest 25


Feb 16,2021


I Don't know how to tell you this but again we have been postponed again this yr .I'm so disappointed , but its out of our control ,insurance, covin .I;m at a lost for words right now I Really Don't know say except we will be back in 2022 Bigger & Better then Ever .thank you so much for 24yrs and counting but we will return
Event chairman

Kevin Lundy

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June 13, 2019

From the Head Office of Vanfest


Wow where to start? You came from near & far to attend our event and I was at a loss for words but I have lots to say. I want to start by saying to the vanfest staff 'we have been together for a many years and you have went out of your way for me to see this event succeed, your time 'dedicating and friendship means a lot to me. N.C truck Club you really stepped up this weekend and played a key roll in they event ,thank you. Now for the rest of you, without your dedicating to our sport of vanning and truck in this event would not have survived. Year of year this event has grown, thanks to you guys & gals bragging about vanfest. It got it's name Canada's Largest Custom Van & truck show thanks to you, 465 thru the gates 202 Thursday night at midnight wow. I can really brag now. Show & shine was huge 197 if I'm correct our biggest ever. the weather was BEAUTIFUL ,and the party atmosphere was amazing. We donated $3000.00 to the park and we are donating $1000.00 To Marc Panzavecchia and Laurie who lost their home on Friday night of Vanfest. There is a go fund me set up for them. So please give them a helping hand if you can .Vanfest 25 will be June 12-14-2020, our theme will be 25 to life, JAIL HOUSE ROCK WEEKEND.TRUST ME WHEN I SAY WE WON'T DISAPPOINT YOU. This time last week we were scarfing pizza about this time mmmmmmmmmm remember. Thank you for the kind remarks and pics you putting up for the world to see, now I get to see the show thru your eyes and see things I missed and wow did I miss a lot.I want you to know I will never forget what you have done for this event you got our backs that's for sure. Thanks again now I must plan Vanfest 25.

Kevin Lundy