for those that don't know me my name is Kevin Lundy and I'm a proud Canadian vanner and event chairmen for Vanfest Canada's
largest Custom Van & Truck show. This yr we host a huge milestone in Canadian truck ins Vanfest 25.And we have some amazing things planned for the weekend ,starting with Thursday night pre warm-up pizza party and a night at the disco party .Gates officially open Friday morning at 10 am ribbon cutting. This yrs theme 25 to life ,wow how time fly's by. Bands ,Games ,Special Features ,Surprise Guests, and so much more packed into a fun filled weekend you won.t forget trust me.
I want my vanning freinds to come meet my Mini Truck buddy's we have gotten to know over the yrs and see there rides just as jaw dropping as ours. Ask anyone that's been to Vanfest they will tell ya ,Also I'm not only a proud vanner. I also own a mini truck also pretty kewl for a guys in his 60,s Now go get a passport and try something off the wall for a change ,This event is not hosted by a van club but from a dedicated bunch of vanners from both sides of the border and a few good mini truckers , that's whats made is event grow and grow year after year, Thanks for reading this and we really look forward to meeting you june12-14 in lovely Aylmer Ontario Canada .EH