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Posted By: Matman nothing much happening down under? - March 09th 2021 11:55 am
Hi, just browsing and saw there's nothing happening on these pages so I thought I`d toss a few pics and comments in to break the monotony..Ha.

I have a `79/80 G10 Shorty, had it about 4/5 years, I bought it off Tim Young in L.A. Tim is a classic car / pickup truck enthusiast who comes across some nice stuff, I was happy to get this one from him and bring it to Oz.
I drove it for a while - did some car shows and swap meets, then in a fit of `what the bloody hell did I do that for?` I decided to strip it out and have it repainted, I found a painter who was highly recommended but in fact he was crap, The van looks ok, but for the money I expected better. Anyway I continued to carry on with a refurbishment, ordered new front carpet, all the door rubbers, suspension bits / rubbers etc. All new vacuum hoses, new Cragars and tyres, Brakes, exhaust, twin thermal fans. The interior is staying as is. Sort of a mix between shag pile on the floor from behind the front seats to the back to diamond stitch fabric on the sides and ceiling.
Speaking of the seats, both on swivel bases, drivers side was sadly suffering from ciggy burn holes.. Fortunately I found a guy locally who unbelievably found matching fabric and did a great refurb.
At the moment I’m dithering between maybe building a bed across the rear or putting the rear fold down seat back in. Its in the same style and fabric as the front seats. I’ve already made a table for the back which will sit on a chrome leg with a double pine top, then I did a doghouse cup holder affair which sits nice and also matches the very excellent wood rim steering wheel I bought.
I decided to fit power windows and locks, which led me to stripping all the door trims off and making new door cards and buying new foam and vinyl. The door cards are all done but I haven’t got around to the upholstery side yet. I’d like to hire a trimmer to do this but I reckon I’ve contacted about 8 of them, all far too busy, its like trying to find sunshine in Memphis right now according to my friends there. All of this plus a few health issues and the hot weather (I’m just outside of Brisbane in Queensland) has kept me out of the shed for some time but hopefully this week I’ll get a re-start..
Finish off the door trims, refit the instrument dash and the interior lights which now are leds. Cheers for now, hopefully I can get some pics posted, they are all pretty old – need to get the camera dusted off I guess.

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Posted By: newkirkinc1 Re: nothing much happening down under? - December 19th 2021 1:52 pm
Matman sorry i missed this. Your van is looking great. Nice gullwing i love mine. Hope things are getting better down there.
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