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It's time to Voodoo on the Bayou!

The 2014 Council Of Councils will be held in the city of New Orleans, LA!

February 6-8, 2014

Maison St. Charles Hotel
(located on historic St. Charles Avenue in the Lower Garden District, just minutes from the French Quarter)
1319 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130
504-522-0187 (select #1)

All info and updates will be easily accessible at:

Council Of Councils 2014 Site

Council Of Councils 2014 Facebook Event Page

Our special room rates are:
  • $99 - Standard King
  • $109 - Standard Deluxe Queen (2 Queens)
  • $139 - Junior Suite
  • $159 - Royal Suite
  • $179 - Deluxe Suite
Room Block: Van Council Meeting
Cut off Date: December 20, 2013
***Extended cut off date until Jan 5, 2014 IF 75% pick up by original cut off date.

Hotel amenities:
  • Complimentary Deluxe Continental Breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool & Hot Tub
  • Gated off-street Parking
  • In-room coffee makers, hair dryers, microwave, refrigerator, personal safe, cable, nonsmoking rooms, handicapped-accessible rooms.
  • Enclosed Courtyard
  • Suites available
Over 24 restaurants, including fast food establishments, within walking distance of the hotel.

We expect to sell out the hotel fairly quickly, so please book soon. There are also a limited number of suites. If you require special accommodations make sure you ask when booking."Van council meeting" is the booking code. Please book through the hotel (NOT ONLINE) to get all of the perks and discounts we've negotiated.

Please direct any and all questions to either Smiley Wilson or Amie Accardo Krake at
Booking 2 rooms right now...tues-sun...looking for roommates...
May try to make this one.
Only a couple of one bedroom suites left for the suites.....

if you call you must book at the front desk and not be transferred to reservations.

See you there!
Suzie, there may be a couple more suites available. I'll check with the Sales Office. I know we do have Standard King ($99) & Standard Double Queens ($109) available. And all the rooms have a mini fidge!

If anyone needs a special accommodations room, please make sure you mention it when you book.

And Suzie is correct, if you get into the queue, make sure you ask to speak to the front desk!!
Welcome to the site AutomaticAmie....
Booked our room this afternoon. Marilyn & I will be there sometime in the afternoon(hopefully) on Monday Feb. 3. YeeHaw!!
We booked our room today & the Bad Girls booked too ! yay
Here's a link to the registration form for the Council of Councils Meeting 2014. Hopefully it'll work & take you right there. Please fill it out so we know you're coming!

Voodoo on the Bayou Registration

Thanks for the welcome!

I've got good news!! We are NOT sold out (yet). The Standard King rooms are sold out as are the junior suites but there are at least 35 Standard Double Queens as of this morning when I spoke to Kate. If you called her yesterday or Sunday, she will return your call some time this morning. Our block runs Wednesday, Feb 5-Sunday, Feb 9, 2014 with 2 shoulder days on each end.

When making reservations, you must call the hotel directly, 504.522.0197 and speak to the DESK....not reservations. If they can't help you, you can leave a voice mail for Kate at ext.263. As always, contact me or Smiley Wilson if you have any questions.

Let us know if you're coming to New Orleans by registering here:
Originally Posted by on the road
Booking 2 rooms right now...tues-sun...looking for roommates...

ummmn, as long as you don't try to share a bed with me, call me and we'll see what can be worked out ! rofl
On hold at this point, one room is full, and I think I have some old friends coming who may be sharing with me...There is plenty of time...we'll come up with a plan...
Just called the Hotel. SOLD OUT ! Will they let me sleep in the van ?
Hi Jim,
While some nights & some room types may be sold out at this time, the whole hotel is not sold out right now. We are meeting with the hotel tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

When we do sell out, we request that anyone looking for a room let me know by emailing me directly:

We have an overflow hotel & would like to avoid having people scattered all over the place.

Thanks so much!

Hotel Room Update as of 3.4.2013:

As of this morning (9am CST), availability at the hotel is as follows:
(Wednesday, February 5 - Saturday, February 8, 2014)

1 Economy Queen: $ 99
4 Double Queens: $109
3 King Suites: $159
1 Honeymoon Suite: $179
1 Suite w/kitchenette: $170
1 Deluxe 2 Bedroom/2bath suite: $259

The KING rooms are SOLD OUT. If you call and ask to book a King Room, you may be told that the hotel is sold out. If that is the case, please ask to book one of the other available types of room. To make reservations, you must call the hotel, 504.522.0187, and ask to speak to the FRONT DESK.

We apologize for all the confusion over the reservation process at the hotel. We are booked past our block now and into the remaining hotel rooms. If you’ve called to book a room and were told we were “sold out”, that is why. When the hotel is out of all available rooms, we’ll let you know.

As a reminder, only once we are sold out of rooms at the Maison St. Charles will we start directing new reservations to the overflow.

Thank you all for your patience in making reservations. Looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

For the most current information about the Council of Councils, please sign up for our CofC email updates on the CofC site:

Updated hotel info including overflow information will be released next week.
Thanks for wanting to come to New Orleans!
Our overflow hotel is the Avenue Garden Hotel, 1509 St. Charles Avenue. It is one block from the Maison St. Charles. In order to book, you will have to call and ask to speak to Richard. The hotel is NOT available to book any other way at this time. The number is 504.521.8000.

Room rates will start somewhere between $79 & $109 depending on the room size available. You can view the Avenue Garden Hotel website for more information & room descriptions. Amenities include free wifi & breakfast.

Please note, if you are driving or require parking accommodations, the hotel is in the mist of renovating its garage but expects it to be finished next year. If necessary, we more than likely can arrange something with our event hotel.

If you anticipate going to the C of C next year, we urge you to book your reservations now while there is availability.
MrsHoney & I are really excited about coming to NO for the CofC's. One of the things I am anticipating besides the cusine is hearing some Cajun Music, hopefully at the partys or in NO.
If your plans change and you don't think you're going to be able to make it, contact Smiley or myself and let us know before you cancel your room...we've got a wait list for the venue hotel & would love to be able to have you sell your room to a vanner on the list!
Hmmmmm..... never been to New Orleans, that could be 2x the fun.
Don't forget....we'll be at the Nats are are doing a special 50/50 to help support this event!!

Keep an eye out for us!!

See you at the Nats!
Any rooms still available
Our overflow hotel is the Avenue Garden Hotel, 1509 St. Charles Avenue. It is one block from the Maison St. Charles. In order to book, you will have to call and ask to speak to Richard. The hotel is NOT available to book any other way at this time. The number is 504.521.8000.

Yes there are Jim, I just booked my room at the back up hotel about 3 weeks ago and you must do as Amy said AND call before 3 pm.
Thanks Munz!
Remember they are an hour behind us time wize.....

I was wondering if anyone else would like 2 roomies? Pup and I were going to stay with my brother but he lives 30 minutes from the area...We would help split the cost of the room...I am still working on how to use Pups miles from his credit card for the plane. Pup has never flown before so this will be something to watch lol.. Let me know either on here or FB please and thank you....
So the only rooms available are a block away?
Originally Posted by newkirkinc1
So the only rooms available are a block away?

Get in touch with Amie to get on the main hotel waiting list. Yes, the overflow hotel is one block away.
Damn, I better get my act together if I'm going to go.
Well if the overflow hotel is book there are others within a two blocks of the hotel. Also cheaper rooms. Just throwing it out there.

Free Spirit
Spirit In The Wind
Nova Vans
South East Van Council
Damn its almost CofC's time, Getting really excited for this one..
Gonna do the pub crawl beer
Blocks in NO are very small...should take no time to get from one hotel to the other!
there are still councils I haven't heard from (NEVC!)

this is NOT the same as registering with VCVC (host club),
if we don't know you're coming, you won't be allowed to be a rep during the meeting.

so..... if you are a rep for your van council, let us know you are coming, ASAP!

print and snail mail or scan and email, but you need to fill this form out and get it turned in.
I have not received rep forms for the following councils!
(I spoke with FVC, VOICES and NCVC)

Downstate Illinois Van Council
Northern California Van Council
Quebec Van Clubs Association
Texas Van Federation
Hoosier Van congress
Missouri Van Council
Van Association of New Zealand
if you have something you want to see talked about at CofC, make sure you tell your council rep
I am planning on running the webcam during the meeting, and if there is a safe place I can set it up unattended during social events, I will. (sorry, I want to plan, not sit at the laptop)
this is all conditional on how good the hotel wifi is.
as always, will be using
anyone staying at the over flow hotel
Originally Posted by meanderingvanner
anyone staying at the over flow hotel

I'm sure there is.
5 more sleeps till NOLA
I have not received rep forms for the following councils!

Quebec Van Clubs Association
Missouri Van Council
Van Association of New Zealand

I need you to register please,

if you don't let me know, then I assume you aren't sending reps.
Off to NOLA in the morning.. devil
Beginning late Wednesday afternoon, Registration will open in the Audubon Room. All Council Reps should check-in to receive a Goody Bag, Bible & name badge. If you've requested Vannin' Doc tickets, you can pick them up there also. Because we anticipate a larger than normal crowd, it's important that everyone attending wear their name badges in order to have access to the parties, van show, etc. By Thursday night we should have the entire hotel to ourselves....the name badges will help to assure that no one else wanders in.....see you in NOLA!
Just got a message in from Leadfoot about some Bourbon St. webcams. The first two are at #701 Bourbon St. at the Cat's Meow (corner of Bourbon and St Peter St.), and the third on is at the Tropical Isle at #721 Bourbon St. ( corner of Bourbon and Orleans Ave.)


So if yer out-and-about in the French quarter this weekend, give a big wave and a shout out to some of yer fellow vanners that just might be watchin'!!

Have Fun!!
Yea I seen those two.Hope everyone is having a great time!
Wish I was there frown
Me to Wiz!
Getting ready to hike out in morning to the airport and finally get down and enjoy a great weekend in New Orleans. See everyone in the afternoon. Safe flight to all

Nova Vans
Free spirit
Spirit In The Wind
Southeast Van Council
No pics or updates here lol Must be having a great time!
Most of the pics and such are on FB
meeting should start in 30 minutes or so, getting webcam setup.
The meeting has just started now. If you are wondering what goes on during the Saturday meeting part you can watch it all online now. There are plenty of pictures on Facebook.
'Most of the pics and such are on FB'
Why does facebook get pics and updates when this site should be priority? Not everyone likes facebook; just my 2 cents....
I agree......I'm NOT on facebook.
Same here Deb!
It's not easy to post pictures to especially when you are on the road. They have to be already loaded to the internet on Photobucket or a website like that. You can upload hundreds of photos on the fly on Facebook so that's why there is a delay to be able to see them here. The meeting went well today. We were able to watch everything and even interact with people there. Huge thanks to Astro for making this happen once again.
For those of you NOT on FACEBOOK or PHOTOBUCKET here is what we did today because WE are not at the Council of Councils in New Orleans !

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Okay thanks Virtual for that insight, I didn't know that. Doc, are you guys ice fishing? *LOL* Or just parked out in a parking lot somewhere with the girls? You in shorts in the snow, you CRAZY! Hope there was a hot tub near by! *LOL*!!
Doc , you had to much to drink rofl
That's doc
Unclaimed Raffle Tickets....check your white tickets!

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Basket #2 242905
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Too much beer Deb!
I agree with Jim, Deb, and pirate.....and I'm NOT on Facebook either!! Every vanner I talk to tells me what a great thing it is, and EVERYBODY now uses it for almost everything......
Yahhh,yahhh, yahhh, Bulls__t! I can name at least 10 local vanners I talk to every week that are also NOT on Facebook, and aren't gonna be any time in the near future. And, they, like the rest of us that have remained loyal users, are left out in the cold, and have to get our vannin news second-hand! Nice goin', Van-land!

It'd be alright if we could access content on Facebook to stay in touch with things, but apparently you have to be a Member, and some of us just don't wanna be.

So, (and we've brought this up at NEVC meetings several times before) it would be nice if some vanner out there in Facebook-land would occasionally port some of the ongoing info over here to so the rest of us could share.

"Nough said!

And Doc, looks like yer havin' a hell-of-a-time out there.....enjoy!
NOT on Facebook, and aren't gonna be any time in the near future. That makes 11
Originally Posted by tide
NOT on Facebook, and aren't gonna be any time in the near future. That makes 11

12 ...nobody hates Facebook more than me !
I told Facebook off a few years ago, Now I cant be on there.
Still no posts on how Councils went? What the ......????
Hi Deb, What do you want to know about CofC? I can bring u up to date? All had a great time. Just wish I was still down there. cold up here!

Lew / Tumbleweed
Free Spirit
Spirit In The Wind
Nova Vans
South East Van Council
Doc you look right at home,
as far as facebook goes
never did it and never will.
Any info would be nice!
Nice to see so many people agreeing with me. Not tryin' to start something, but I'm not at all suprised.

Here's a little back history.......
In 1986, when I got my first computer and immediately went online, there was NO Internet, only sites like AOL and Compuserve. you had to be a member of those sites in order to access their forums and the info they contained. But, you could communicate through them with people of similar interests, just like we do here on the forums. And we also had E-mail, so that we could communicate with people that were on other sites.

I can't tell you how much info I traded with other vanners over the years, from e-mails and posts to full sets of documents. When I attended the C. of C. in Brighton, England in 2000, I had over 70 files and documents with me at my table, pertaining to stuff I had discussed with other vanners during the past year, and all ported directly from the Internet into a palmtop computer I held in my hand. What an instant reference tool!

As an NEVC Rep, I'd get up at meetings and practically beat them over the head with requests to pick up on this technology and get with the program. I mean, I did this for YEARS without any results! I could never make them understand how useful this stuff was, and how valuable a tool it was for communicating with other councils. To this day, there are still recent members of the NEVC Executive Board that don't have a computer in the house or know how to use one.

It really wasn't until Astro started in the 90's that people around here started buying computers, learning how to use them, and going online. And now some of them want to abandon it for Facebook??? WTF!!

So, here's my agenda for this year. Seeing as the two NEVC Co-chairs for 2014 ARE on Facebook, I'm going to try to convince at least one of them to put up a little info here on, whenever they can. Hey, it can't hurt to try!

Wish Me Luck!

Tequila, loyal member
Thank You.....
The saying is a picture is worth a thousand words. But in this case I think what Smiley posted on the VCVC site is worth all the pictures that were taken at the CofC.

"My CofC 2014 Recap (pics to follow)

Well, it's over. 18 months in the making, and now it's over. The 37th Annual Council of Councils meeting was hosted by the Vintage Chevy Van Council in New Orleans, LA. While sitting in the meeting at CofC in Tampa 2011, Amie leaned over to me and said, "We could do this", and away we went.

The first of our guests arrived from Seattle on Saturday, February 2. Sunday saw Canada and more US vanners arriving, by Tuesday night, the hotel was just about being run by us and the party was in full stride. From the first moment that people began to arrive, we knew our hotel selection was a hit, but little did we know how well it was going to go. We buckled up and were prepared for almost anything.

Our goodie bags given to all council reps included generous donations from G-Man and Taz, French Quarter maps, sightseeing guides, hundreds of Mardi Gras beads and masks donated by Chris Munzial (QQVanner), Mardi Gras doubloons, and whatever else we could cram in there. They weighed about 5 lbs. a piece. The "rep gift" was a frosted shot glass with "Voodoo on the Bayou, CofC 2014, New Orleans, LA, Council Representative" on it.

Wednesday was our big arrival day, with nearly 100 of the rooms being filled in a matter of hours. Eddie Smith, Steve Cottell, Wookee, Mary, Jacques, and Taz helped to get the hospitality room up and going. It was packed. A pub crawl ensued as those who'd been in town for a couple days took the new arrivals by streetcar to explore Bourbon St. for the evening.

Thursday was the official CofC kickoff day. There were CofC and National Truck-in Board meetings, sightseeing tours, eating and drinking binges, and all manner of fun. Parties popped up in various hotel rooms til deep into the night. I lost track of Jacques, Eddie Smith, Chris Munzial, and Mac during this time. I later found them in the pics posted of some of the wild happenings in the notorious party room, 109.

The hotel has a great breakfast area where dozens would congregate, have a generous breakfast, and plan their excursions for the day. Our hospitality room kept king cake and red beans & rice flowing for days. You could also buy your official CofC shirts, dash plaques, and pins there from our vendors. In addition, we gave out official "host" shirts to all those in the club who came to help out. We sold posters with the official event artwork, signed by the artist and limited to 50 pieces.

By Friday, it had warmed up a bit and the outdoor hot tub got to see some use. By now, we'd easily reached 300 in attendance and spread to several different hotels. Our 2pm showing of the Vannin' documentary sold out and we had to add a second screening at 3pm. A stream of 100+ vanners paraded the 5 blocks to the theater in grand fashion for each showing.

Friday night's entertainment was provided by Levee Mule. The slide guitarist, Joel Cangiolosi, is the artist who designed the CofC artwork and is also my close friend who painted the van for me. We were concerned that with all the local attractions and proximity to the French Quarter very few would come to our weekend parties. Couple that with a bad band performance, and you're looking at an empty room by 10pm. Those fears were unfounded as the Friday night pajama party was packed and spilling out into the hotel atrium. The band was scheduled and paid til midnight, but with the heavy and enthusiastic crowd, they played on till about 12:40. Then the parties migrated to the hotel rooms, again.

By this time, we were enjoying a waterfall of praise from everyone in attendance. Eddie and Chris had been vital in keeping the wheels greased on this machine, from escorting theater goers, to running errands, and then stepping up after a LONG party night to take the reins as the sergeants-at-arms for the main council meeting on Saturday morning. Eddie even woke up before me to assist the hotel staff in changing the party room into the meeting room.

The meeting went off without a hitch, and Mrs. Wookee took the minutes. It was decided that the 43rd National Truck-in will be held in Altamont, IL, and the 2015 CofC will take place in Denver, CO. Wookee took a personal moment to thank the vanning community for all their support this past year as well, but his moment in the sun was yet to be.

He and Mary were in charge of organizing the Saturday van show. By the time the meeting let out at 1pm, the van show was in full swing throughout the hotel grounds, and in the first sun sighting of the week. The Phoenix was there, center stage, and it choked me up quite a bit. Terry and Mona had spent the better part of the week readying it for the trip and it looked glorious. Virtualvanner Doug donated $250 to the council for awards for the show and Wookee took care to see that they were the best we could get.

A short time after 1pm, One Mind Brass Band set up shop in the center of the van show… and the home run was complete.

Seeing all these vans and the huge crowd in the center of the hotel grounds with a great brass band laying it down was one of the most memorable moments in my life. We did it. We really did it. But we weren't done.

Saturday night. Would everyone take this last hurrah in New Orleans to head out the the French Quarter? It was the best weather of the week too. We took a risk and hired a DJ instead of a band. Would it pay off?

The party kicked off at 9pm. We had a photo booth come to capture all the attendees in their Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball costumes. It seemed everyone (except Amie and I, who'd been too busy to get one together) was in costume, and the room was packed tighter than the night before. It was truly an amazing sight. The DJ spun a mix of New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and rock music till midnight, and the party blazed on for hours afterward.

The next 12 hours were a mix of short naps, graciously accepting tons of accolades, thanks, and congratulations on such a successful event. More than one of whom I would consider some of the "original vanners" stated that in all their years that this was the best CofC they'd ever been to. It certainly kept this extremely tired man on his feet a little longer. I was told that I was true 2%, for the first time. It's a notion I've never previously assumed or taken lightly and it was an honor to hear that. Judith made sure to tell us that at no time during the event did you ever see "behind the scenes".

Jacques, Rick, Speed, Amie, and I loaded out on Sunday morning amid more sentimental discussions, hugs, and goodbyes. The sun was out again, and I felt truly content. Taz and Jill hit the cruise ship with about 50 others for their wedding trip and the slow vanner exodus reluctantly began.

Members of the Nats Board were extremely impressed and there's already a wave a talk about holding CofC in NOLA again.

Monday morning, I quietly loaded out all the rental tables & riser, and my PA by myself. It was at that time that Buffalo Bob from FL, spotted me. He reminded me that he'd hosted CofC three times in the past and that he's been vanning since the early '70s. This was his favorite of over 30 CofCs he attended. He said he could tell how much effort, care, and organization went into our plan and execution. He finished by saying that "You're the kind of people that make vanning worthwhile". It was a highest honor that I'll never forget.

I want to thank every single person who helped in every way over the last 18 months. You may not think you did very much, but every little bit helped fuel the tank to make this possible. All those who helped create or purchase calendars made this possible; everyone who donated and bought club merchandise like club pins and t-shirts; those who gave their time to make donated items for goodie bags and raffles; the endless assistance with advice and guidance we received from vanners throughout the community; those who generously gave their time and effort and weren't able to make it; and those who were able to be here to assist and grease the wheels for a truly flawless effort. As always, I'm truly overwhelmed by your dedication to our club. The entire vanning community just got a big taste of who we are and what we are capable of. You all are the kind of people that make this life worthwhile for me.

Smiley "
Well said Smiley!It was Great to meet you and Amie,
and as for all the accolades bestowed on you, Amie, and the rest of VCVC. They were all well deserved!!! I didn't hear any negativity the entire time I was there, just the opposite, all I heard was what a Great Time and what a VANtastic job you did! I agree it was one of the best CofCs that I have attended!!! Job WELL DONE!!!
As soon as I recover I'll post my pics!!
Oh yeah and when you guys do it again we will definitely be there!!
Thank you Virtual for posting this information and as always for keeping us Vanners updated. Sounds like a wonderful time was had; wish I could've been there to join in the fun.
Tried to create new album on Photobucket so I could share pics from C of C. No luc!!! Agravating!! I may try again later!!
Link to pics. I couldn't get Photobucket to let me add a new album so here's the link to facebook. I made the album public so even if your not on facebook you should be able to view it.
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Yeah I get it frscke1 you can't see it. Sorry,I'll try again
great pics
Sorry Photobucket will not let me upload or create a folder.
I agree about not using or having a.fb account.
Thanks anyway Smitty! Pics are always nice, but after reading Suzie's post I'm using my imagination on this one.
Someday I'll make it there and walk the streets.
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