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Posted By: cityslang 73 G10 Hedman exhaust - November 16th 2019 2:16 am
Hi Guys,

Im not 100% this is the right forum/subtopic but I thought id ask here first..

As per the title i have an 72/3 Chevy g10; 350 sbc/th350. I desperately need new headers.

I've seen several members have great results with hedman headers.... but with my van being a 73 its pre-77 change over, so i have a super smaller dog house etc. - I've messaged specified member with earlier chevys whole have had good result with hedman to find out what p/n they have but sadly received no replies.

My question is basically what p/n have pre 77 chevy van been using re hedman headers.

Not to be rude; but everytime I've asked this in the past in general forums i get loads of post telling me what p/n they put on their "81+ vandura etc etc". Whilst i appropriate the effort, its a totally different fitment... I.e. to the best of my knowledge, the pre 1977 chevy van all had different dog house gap to the post '77. My van needs pre-77 fitment only.

Unless I've got my wires cross, I need help from the pre 77 crowd. So I'm basically asking pre-77 owners for their experiences hedman exhaust p/n wise. - That's not to say that someone can't tell me im wrong.

According to the previous owner i have "modified" camaro headers, and they leak like a sieve, it seems like they have been cut, bent, and then (badly) re-welded... few years hence...well....

I'm not wanting something elaborate, just something that mates to the stock (73) ports on my heads and leads to a 3" collector.

Anyone that can offer some guidance it'd be gratefully received .

Posted By: Deathorvictory Re: 73 G10 Hedman exhaust - November 16th 2019 3:23 am
I had these on my 73 but apparently they don’t make them anymore

But these are supposed to fit from Hedman

This thread talks about it and the poster who replied that he uses those Herman’s has a 75.

Posted By: Deathorvictory Re: 73 G10 Hedman exhaust - November 16th 2019 3:26 am
Also FWIW, my headers leaked too. A lot seem to from my experience
Posted By: Reed Re: 73 G10 Hedman exhaust - November 17th 2019 1:19 am
Header leaks? Try Remflex gaskets.
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