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Needing some input

Posted By: craveone

Needing some input - September 26th 2018 1:19 pm

Recently purchased a '91 Chevy G20 Sportvan Beauville. It currently has 235/75/15's on it, I'm finding out it can also hold 225/75/15. I'm wanting to possbily do a smaller tire in front and a big one in back.. it is a 3/4 ton, and its a long wheel base. I'm honestly not sure if it would look good, or even be practical to to and get the front end to scoop a bit. Any advise is welcome, this is my very first van ever, so please feel free to chime in and give advice.
Posted By: Rusty_Pancelode

Re: Needing some input - September 26th 2018 2:07 pm

The first advice would be to show us pictures, we like seeing vans. lol

I think the 125" wheelbase vans like ours look fine with staggered wheels and tires.
It's all about what you want really.
Our stock wheels are pretty narrow...I'm not remembering off-hand, but I think they're only 6.5 inches wide, so you might want to move up to 8" wide wheels for the rear.
That'll give you a lot of choices for rear tire width, unless you want to go super wide (past 275), then you might need a 10" wheel.
Posted By: craveone

Re: Needing some input - September 26th 2018 5:50 pm

I just got tags for it, so was holding off to take photo's until it was officially mine! lol... I'll go snag a few in a min (at work on the clock now). So, the only thing I know about tires is whats on the tire itself. I would assume the 253 is a 6.5 in wide tire... so what would an 8" wide tire look like in my sizes? factor shows it can use either a 235/75/15 or 225/75/15. I want wide tires, at least in the back... I love wide tires all the way around honestly... Just not the kind of guy to modify vehicles until getting this bad girl!
Posted By: craveone

Re: Needing some input - September 26th 2018 6:03 pm

according to it shows a 255/70/15 that would work, and says its a 10" width... and what do you know... They have some Cooper Cobra Radial GT's in that size... hmmmmm
Posted By: Rusty_Pancelode

Re: Needing some input - September 26th 2018 9:38 pm

The first number is the width in millimeters, so a 235 would be 9 1/4" wide.
The second number is the aspect ratio. It's how tall the tire is, written as a percentage of the width.
So 75 on that same tire would mean 75% of 235mm, or about 176mm of sidewall height, or almost 7" from the rim to the tread.
Then of course, the last number is the wheel diameter... so 15 is 15"

You're right, a 255/70/15 is 10" wide, and will fit well on an 8" wide wheel.
Make sure you're happy with that aspect ratio though, a 70 series is still pretty tall with a 7" sidewall.
That's good for keeping your speedometer and fuel economy the same.
Not so good for making the van look sportier, meaner, or what have you.
Posted By: craveone

Re: Needing some input - September 26th 2018 9:55 pm

I just found a Beauville on IG with the exact tire size and tires I am looking at for mine. It looks FANTASTIC with the wider tires.. And, your probably right, trying to add the wider tires to make it look meaner with the 7" sidewall is probably not the way to go... but I do like the way it looks on this other van I found... I'm still going to keep on researching and looking around. I'm not ready to purchase new tires just yet. I still have some life left in the ones that came with the van.. Thanks for the info and the help though man!
Posted By: frscke1

Re: Needing some input - September 26th 2018 9:59 pm

I have BFG 9 ply on face & 3 on the side 245/75/16's on my G30 Beauville N it fills the well..... 255 may not fit. Dont trust a tire sales man they just want your money.

[Linked Image]

I chose these cause my van weighs alot 8860, it will fold a tire going around corners cause of that . These tires have tread going over the face N onto the side wall, still getting tracking ,, even folded over. I AM NOT EASY ON MY VAN ... EITHER OF THEM

Yes they have the right air pressure ,,,, the van just weighs alot !
Posted By: Rusty_Pancelode

Re: Needing some input - September 27th 2018 3:41 am

Originally Posted by craveone
... Thanks for the info and the help though man!

Yeah, no problem.
I'm glad you found a van you could use as a reference.
It's a lot easier to make a decision when you can actually see what you'd be getting.
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