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Posted By: kursed Social Media & Member Introductions - March 12th 2021 4:01 am
Rather than drag the old Facebook thread from 2009 and back up again since most of the folks that used to frequent these forums seem to have forgotten all about us over here in Forum-ville, I thought I would start a new thread. Just so we all know who each other are in the real world if you want to introduce yourselves, some folks prefer to stay anonymous I suppose (mods feel free to delete if not allowed). So I'll start off and if you want add a little about yourself and your social media links below so we can find you too. cheers

I'm Scott from VA and this is me:

[Linked Image from]

As for social media, you can find me at the following: (forewarning, I get political at times, but don't take offense to anything I say, as I enjoy respectful conversation about the tough issues that most people are uncomfortable discussing).

I'm on Facebook @ Facebook Link

I'm on Instagram @ Instagram Link

I'm also on MeWe and even still have my MySpace page lol, but I never really use those.

I am a freelance artist (digital, pen & ink, airbrush, leather, etc.) and run Appalachian Handcraft which you can find @ Appalachian Handcraft
Posted By: lukester Re: Social Media & Member Introductions - March 12th 2021 5:16 am
I'm Luke aka Lukester
42 living in Lake City Florida original Jersey boy. (Hackettstown)
I work full time doing property maintenance.

I do have a Facebook but I'm not very active. If they made an app for the market place I would have no use for FB it's self.

I do like to spend some time on Instagram. I like to browse the van pics with out all the drama. I can be found there most of the time in our van club account.

Personal accounts
FB : vanmanlukester
Insta : @vanmanlukester

Van club accounts
FB : outcast Vanners
Insta : @outcastvanners
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