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Hello All,
I'm Larry in North Carolina!!
I just picked up my 77 Ford E-150 a few weeks back!!
I was told from the previous owner that it was a multiple award winner here in the area. This is my 1st Van, I've had many cars I've worked on in the past but never a Van! When I 1st looked at it, I said to myself, I want to get this and bring it back to life!
I'm looking forward to building some friendships and partnerships here!

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Welcome to the site ...
Hey Larry and welcome!
What a face!
What lead you to buy your first van ?
I look at this Van a few times and I liked the overall work they did to it. Going to car shows in the eighties is no where near like it is today! But I'm glad that some of that craft is coming back around, even though I do understand to an extent it never left! Nothing wrong with the newer stuff, I'm just a fan of the older stuff, more of a fan of alot of the older stuff!!
welcome to the site from Pittsburgh!
I used to work in Altoona and Bloomsburg years ago!!
Welcome from Florida.
I really like what I can see if your van. Definitely share some more pics. Start a thread in the readers ride section here.
Welcome! We would love to see more!
Welcome! Glad you've joined us. Enjoy your van.
Thanks for the positive words!!
I will start a thread on him soon!!
Right now he's in the shop as the previous owner let it sit outside for about 12 years!!
Hi 77 Vantasy good luck
That's nice! Welcome
Welcome aboard "77Vantasy"!
Welcome from San Diego. pics
Thanks everyone!!
My Van has been in the shop ever since I got it!!
A bunch of small things to make it roadworthy!!
Hope to get it back this week!!
Pics soon afterward!!
Can't wait to see some pics
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