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Posted By: Ninskrillz

Saddle Tramp - September 03rd 2019 2:49 am

Hey guys

New to the forum and the vanning community. Saddle Tramp is my second van and first custom van. She’s a good 1983 Chevy G20 shorty. I previously owned a 98 Dodge Sportvan that I had wild plans for but in the end the transmission went out and wasn’t the van for me. Saddle Tramp will be different for sure!

Somebody already has had tons of fun with her judging by the interior and drivetrain. She’s sporting a small block 350 with some mild hot rod parts. The 700r4 transmission manages the power to the wheel nicely. Inside the cabin is a partitioned sleep space, what I think is lighting from a late model Chevy, and the part that sold me on the van, blue marbled pillow top headliner. The work to run a CB is there, with a console matching the headliner, although it didn’t be come with one unfortunately. It rolls down the road on a set of corvette rally wheels and me and my wife get to sit on a couple springy swiveling captains chairs.

I’ve got big plans in the works for her. Repairing the rust damage and other body work are close to the top of that list. A paint job will definitely be necessary after that is done. Faux wood floors might be the plan for the interior which would definitely include a shag rug. Repairing the interior lighting is pretty high on the to do list. A mattress for the cubby is also top priority. Not so high but still likely to happen is an inverter and house power for entertainment and other amenities, gull wing door, cocktail table, crystal chandelier, and other style upgrades.

I hope I can contribute my experiences working on and enjoying Saddle Tramp. I look forward to the good times that are bound to roll!

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Posted By: frscke1

Re: Saddle Tramp - September 03rd 2019 3:42 am

Welcome to the site ...
Posted By: Astrocreep66

Re: Saddle Tramp - September 03rd 2019 12:04 pm

Welcome to the site SaddleTramp nice van.
Posted By: Just4fun1991

Re: Saddle Tramp - September 03rd 2019 1:04 pm

Welcome from Iowa. Looking forward to seeing your progress over time on your mods that you do to your van! Good luck...
Posted By: Lee7673

Re: Saddle Tramp - September 03rd 2019 3:00 pm

Welcome. Keep us posted on the progress
Posted By: Wizard78

Re: Saddle Tramp - September 03rd 2019 9:13 pm

welcome aboard
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