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Window seal removal

Posted By: Spsosicmcise

Window seal removal - July 29th 2019 1:19 am

Is there a way to remove these seals without destroying them?

[Linked Image]

I’m stripping the entire van due to its paint being in really poor shape and have a fine dusting of rust covering the entire van.
These windows don’t open and I can’t seem to find replacements in the normal places. I would prefer to not destroy them if I could being that that I’m not looking to dump a ton of money into this van.
Posted By: Reed

Re: Window seal removal - July 29th 2019 2:03 am

Park with the window in the sun for about an hour and the rubber should be soft enough to be worked out of the hole with a wood paddle. It helps to work with someone pushing from the inside. Also, look for some kind of lockstrip pressed into the seal on the outside.
Posted By: Spsosicmcise

Re: Window seal removal - July 29th 2019 2:32 am

All the doors are off so I’ll just lay them in the sun tomorrow. It’s like the pit of hell here in Pensacola so it should soften them up pretty quick. I’ll try to pry at one tomorrow and see what happens.
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