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Need Another Shorty

Posted By: vandude360

Need Another Shorty - February 11th 2019 7:32 am


I know it's been 5 or 6 years since my last visit here (when my house burned down, rebuilding just ate-up all my time), but was hoping someone here could and would be willing to help me. A month ago, a 100+ ft. tall tree fell on my beloved van crushing the passenger side A pillar, totaling it. I'm still negotiating with the insurance company (who doesn't have to pay me a dime since van was stored outdoors, not garaged as required by policy), but probably won't get much more than the $3,300 they've offered so far. That includes letting me keep the van. I'm hoping I can find another one for sale cheap. The van only needs to have a decent body shell and windshield. i have everything that bolts on (including another passenger side door). I'm looking for a 1971-77 Dodge Tradesman, 109" WB. I'd prefer a B200, with V8 (doesn't have to run) and automatic transmission, as little rust as possible, and no windows in back, but I'll consider any shorty Tradesman in my price range ($3,000 or less). I know that's not much but maybe with your help I can score a good deal. I'm offering a $100 finders fee (if I buy it) for your efforts.
My email is: Thanks for your time, Robert
Posted By: bigbongo

Re: Need Another Shorty - February 11th 2019 3:23 pm

Sorry to hear that. Your on the other end of town but there should be some poping up in spring. I post a lot of vans for sale. Keep on the look-out.
Posted By: CatFish

Re: Need Another Shorty - February 11th 2019 6:05 pm

Just a thought Robert. Might ask over on the slant 6 forum. More than a few of those guys are 70's Mopar fanatics and may know of one put away somewhere.
Can't hurt....
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