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Can't View Photobucket Pics

Posted By: Meanmachine

Can't View Photobucket Pics - February 19th 2019 12:46 am

I can no longer view pics that members post from Photobucket. If I click on a link, this page pops up saying:

Your Browser is Out Of Date or Not Supported.
Please Update To The Version You See Below or Use Another Supported Browser.

The options listed are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Opera.

My computer is 7 years old, Windows 7, and I think IE 10 or 11. Any suggestions to solve the problem. I think my wife has Firefox on her computer and she hates it.
Posted By: Wedgy

Re: Can't View Photobucket Pics - February 19th 2019 3:37 pm

Hi you two!

Windows 7? Wow. I'm no expert, but that with that older Windows operating system I think that this might be a challenge. You'll have to see if this will work with your unit and OS, man I hope so.

Circa around 2015, Firefox was affected with some sketchy security issues that made it unusable for me, others I consulted on about Tech agreed, so the easiest solution from your options, might be to download and install Google Chrome. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Posted By: Dyno_Dave

Re: Can't View Photobucket Pics - February 19th 2019 5:45 pm

We still use Windows 7 Enterprise at work. It just does some things better for us than 10, and at least at the business level, is still supported by Microsoft.

Personally, I hate IE, and avoid it like the plague. I've been using Firefox for at least a decade, probably longer, and never looked back.

Chrome works well for some of our office applications, but I avoid contact with Google whenever possible.
Posted By: kursed

Re: Can't View Photobucket Pics - March 17th 2019 4:57 pm

+1 on the Google chrome. Yes their spying and ads BS gets annoying, but nowadays it's happening everywhere, so I just roll with it. Firefox is a good alternative as well. Nothing wrong with WIN7 at all, still a great OS.
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