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Posted By: EconoLiam Mid Ford A arm conversion???? - June 13th 2021 12:47 am
Are there any kits for switching from split I beam to A arm suspension in a Mid Ford? I thought about a Crown Vic front end, but I'd have to be careful not to completely ruin my van trying to do silly stuff like that.

I'd rather save up and in a year or two have a bolt in kit if such an animal exists. There are a million of these type kits for F100, but I haven't seen any for E100.
Posted By: samhain Re: Mid Ford A arm conversion???? - June 14th 2021 8:40 pm
Outside of a disc brake bracket, there is not much of an aftermarket for mid fords. Gonna have to get the welder out.
Posted By: EconoLiam Re: Mid Ford A arm conversion???? - June 18th 2021 11:26 pm
I figured that was the case.

I also started to notice that all of the bolt in kits for the F100 and also a Crown Vic front end will drop the front, which I absolutely don't want. My van is already sitting nose down ass up the way I want it. Any more and I'll be looking straight down through the windshield lol.

I'll take the low road and see what a sway bar and steering dampeners does for me.
Posted By: Charlie99909 Re: Mid Ford A arm conversion???? - August 10th 2021 12:02 am
Why would you want to change the twin I beam?
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