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drop spindles?

Posted By: MrSmokey

drop spindles? - June 14th 2018 12:14 pm

Alrighty, so i have some questions regarding drop spindles.

I have a 95 g20, which turns out to have the "HD" hydroboost brakes. I blundered, and did not look hard enough when i bought new rotors and bearings for the front end and bought the wrong stuff, I was looking at the slotted stop tech stuff mainly due to the fact they hold up excellent in salt, and only bothered to note 2 wire abs, or 4 wire, and totally missed that both were for vacuum boost.

anyway, the pads are the same. I do no see the appropriate rotors available from stoptech so I am wondering if instead of just returning the stuff, just get drop spindles that fit the smaller bearings and hub/rotor...

anybody done something similar? seems ball joints and tie rods are the same between vac and hydroboost.

which c10 drop spindles should i get, and which are the best quality? thanks!

Posted By: MrSmokey

Re: drop spindles? - June 16th 2018 2:05 pm

best i can find is that hydroboost is "hd", with a larger spindle diameter. caliper, and rotor od and thickness is the same.
so, it looks like i could just use the standard duty parts if i swapped to thestandard duty spindle. I am guessing hydroboost just came with the bigger bearings and spindles as a complete heavier duty package.
Seems a shame to go down in duty though.
Posted By: MrSmokey

Re: drop spindles? - June 16th 2018 2:46 pm

Well, so far it seems i inadvertenly bought what was needed to convert for the c10 drop spindles. Balljoints and control arms are the same between c10 and g10 and g20, The HD spindle size seems to be the odd bit. i am currently looking at the belltech 3100s.

i hate having the front high, I put in new springs and shackles in the back as i thought they were sagging, and it might actually sit lower. They were from general spring in KS, identical spec to what is on it.
Posted By: MrSmokey

Re: drop spindles? - June 16th 2018 11:02 pm

welp i bought belltech 3100s i'll let you guys know if it fits or not...
Posted By: MrSmokey

Re: drop spindles? - June 20th 2018 6:38 pm

well so far it looks like it will all go together, the bearings, rotors, drop spindles and ball joints all fit together.
i'll put together a build page with part numbers and cross references etc once i get the rest of the parts in and have the time to dothis
Posted By: Rusty_Pancelode

Re: drop spindles? - July 19th 2018 3:38 pm

Interesting discovery.
I can see how this info will be useful in the future.
Posted By: CatFish

Re: drop spindles? - July 19th 2018 7:40 pm

YES! Let us know what works and how well.
I have Hellwig 2500 series helpers on the rear of our G20 and I highly recommend them. They're adjustable and drive just like you have a nice sway bar.
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