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Posted By: frediz Fred's GMC g2500 - May 14th 2020 9:05 pm
Hey there,
8 months after I bought and presented my van, I've started working on it.

As I said, there is quite a lot of rust (depending how you're used to it or not smile ) under the van.
I found a company that goes to people's home to sand their car's frame and everything that needs it and paint all those parts.
I told them to wait a bit as I prefer to remove most of what can be under there so that sanding and painting
will get rid of more rust and protects more parts.
That's also the opportunity to change many parts that are as old as the van and to re-start from scratch.
The few times I drove the van were not so enjoyable with shocks being more than worn out, I was hearing noises here and there, so there should be room for improvement.

I built a storage tunnel to have the van at home, keep it in a dry place and be able to work on it "comfortably".

At the moment, I've removed the biggest parts (bumpers, sway bar, control arms, shocks, leaf springs) . The rear axle and drive
shaft are still in place because I don't have imperial wrenches to remove the break line.

I'd like to remove the crossmember that would need to be sand blasted, but I'm not sure how to properly support the engine.
I saw people here did it, but no photo of the process making me feel confident to try. Any details on this ?

For now, here are some pictures.

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Posted By: SDMickey Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - May 14th 2020 9:10 pm
Great idea with the shelter. Keep on Truck n' smile
Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - May 14th 2020 9:10 pm
some others

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Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - May 14th 2020 9:18 pm
and the tank, that will look not so bad after being repainted (provided the interior is ok..) .

Attached picture DSC_0734_1024.jpg
Posted By: kursed Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - May 15th 2020 2:41 am
Great job so far, keep up the hard work and you'll get it worthy in no time.
Posted By: lukester Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - May 17th 2020 3:06 am
That's a good looking van you got there and the storage tunnel is really cool too. I could use one of those myself.
Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - May 18th 2020 12:09 pm
Thanks guys, appreciate the encouraging words.
Sadly the lockdown was the unexpected event that let me have time to start that project. Took me 4 days full time so far.

Yeah, the tunnel was the quickest and most affordable mean for me to store the van. I didn't regret the investment.
Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - May 27th 2020 3:49 pm
Work goes slowly but surely.
I finally managed to remove the bushings and splitted all the ball joints (sway bar, upper control arm).
For the pitman arm, I will buy a heavy duty puller, I didn't want to break the one I had and that looked not strong enough.
I also removed the heat shields along the exhaust line and the clip of the electric/fuel/break lines so that the guys can sand blast the frame properly.
The paint was like new under the heat shields. The insulation in one shield has been eaten and probably the same guy
left some nuts here and there ; their preferred dining room seemed to be above the fuel tank smile . No real damage hopefully.

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Posted By: newkirkinc1 Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - May 27th 2020 8:36 pm
Nice work and the tunnel is great!
Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - July 13th 2020 8:26 am
I'm lagging a bit. So, posting here is a bit behind real progress as it takes time for me to deal with pictures also and I don't take time
to wash my hands to take pics so I'm not showing many steps of the work smile
So the sand blast happened 3 weeks ago already.
Here is everything ready before it happened :

Attached picture DSC_0857_1024.jpg
Attached picture DSC_0854_1024.jpg
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Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - July 13th 2020 9:08 am
And after a day of work, that is sand blasting, spraying primer coat and black paint on all parts and the underside.
The parts :

Attached picture DSC_0863_1024.jpg
Attached picture DSC_0865_1024.jpg
Attached picture DSC_0867_1024.jpg
Attached picture DSC_0870_1024.jpg
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Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - July 13th 2020 9:18 am
and the underside :

Attached picture DSC_0880_1024.jpg
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Attached picture DSC_0884_1024.jpg
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Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - July 13th 2020 9:23 am

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Posted By: NateB Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - July 13th 2020 9:38 am
Wow. Looks great Fred!!
Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - July 13th 2020 9:42 am
Now the bad news : the guys didn't take time to protect the engine bay below (which I had done
if I knew there wouldn't do it), so there's dust and sand there. So I started blowing air and detailing everything I can.
So let's hope it won't kill too many bearings and that sand won't be worse than rust.
I removed the engine cover to blow air from here too and clean all I can and once done
I'll change the air filter and spark plugs while I'm at it.
Also, the rubber coating (called blackson or blaxon here) on the sides can't be removed with sand blast so it's still there.
Not sure if I knew it, I would have try to scratch it manually after heating, because it's a huge work. Maybe the borders
to make sure it's clean all along.

In the meantime I've ordered loads of replacement parts to rebuild all the front and rear suspension, the drive shaft, breaks, exhaust...
I finally ordered 2100lbs spring leafs (biggest expense for a single part) which should come today.

I already screwed up a u-joint when remounting it and reverse mounted the driveshaft center support... coffee

pheewww.. not sure rebuilding will be faster than disassembly smile
Posted By: frediz Re: Fred's GMC g2500 - July 13th 2020 9:49 am
Originally Posted by NateB
Wow. Looks great Fred!!

Thank you Nate!
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