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Posted By: purplesporty17 recommendations on buying valve covers for 318 - April 08th 2021 4:22 pm
have a 79 b200 with 318, edelbrock carb and intake, hedman headers. i had bought an edelbrock chrome air filter and valve covers since my old ones were trashed when i bought the van. the new ones do not have the oil filter tube that you access from the hood. the right one only has the breather which is where i now put the oil in. these edelbrock valve covers will not keep a seal which is irritating since i have a jasper reman engine and a jasper reman 727 and the oil will end up on them all the time.. ............what is a -sturdy- valve cover to get? i like the ones that say Mopar on them but i dont want another set of lemons. thanks
There are some premium rubberized cork and also silicon rubber seals which might help. Beyond that, the cast Aluminum Mopar Performance valve covers are a likely improvement. I bought a set of them and they're really nice. The do have the same lack of an additional port, but the casting is flat where the tube would go, so it can be milled out.

One of the Vanners here posted a very long time ago that he obtained success at preventing leaks by permanently adhering a rubberized cork seal right onto the heads, then permanently adhering a silicon seal to the valve covers. Each seal then only had one surface it had to work against, rather than both surfaces at once. The rubberized cork seal additionally acted as more of a dam against oil flowing out of the rocker assy area.
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