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Posted By: Meanmachine Spark Plugs & Wires - March 22nd 2021 8:55 pm
Wanting to do a tune-up on the 318. The spark plugs I have always used for the last 40 years are Champion RN12YC which is what the factory manual requires. Looking on the auto parts websites, all of them show an RN14YC as the correct number. What is the difference, I would think the RN14 would be a hotter plug. Also what would be a quality set of plug wires to use and brand for a distributor cap.
Posted By: wrcsixeight Re: Spark Plugs & Wires - March 23rd 2021 3:39 am
I like Taylor wires. The ~35$ 8mm has been the longest lasting wires ive yet tried...all.others were misfiring at~2years. I got 10years from that first set of.taylors and bought the same again when plug wire.#2. The longest one..became weirdly intermittent at temperature.

There's something about how sp wires get baked under a van doghouse that reduces their timespan viability.

The champion plugs...well i get it.. but prefer NGK.

Theres lots of heat range conversion charts out there.

I recently installed.

Ngk 5 = champion 12, terms.of heat range.

My most previous ngk gr4gps still have plenty of life and were in xcellent condition...but the zfr5n idles smoother both cold and hot...wi5h a better throttle.reaponse...and i just got the best average mpg.on a cross country journey using them.
Need a 5/8 " deep socket for them vs the 3/4"for the 12nyc

Find a distributor.cap with brass...not aluminum contacts.

Some cap and rotor kits.come with a rotor that must be for a 360 and is of wider diameter.

Ive one or two brand new rotors that were .too big
For my 1989 b250 la.318
Posted By: Meanmachine Re: Spark Plugs & Wires - March 29th 2021 8:47 pm
Installed everything on Saturday. I went with Belden Premium 7mm wires and Echlin distributor cap with brass contacts and Echlin rotor. Like you mentioned, the rotor was a little bit wider than the old one, but the part number lists that one for 318 and 360 engines. I had oem Mopar wires and cap on the van that were put on in 2002 and they seem to be a lot better built than what I installed, I guess time will tell. The old distributor cap showed corrosion or arcing on a couple contacts and the plug wires had green build-up on a few of the connections. I still need to get the carb worked on, the float is messed up.
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