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Posted By: pockets

Jets - March 25th 2018 1:00 am

I'm going to rebuild my holley 1945 carburetor and figured I'd play around with a few jet sizes. I'm looking for 60 or 61 size jets for it. From what I find online those sizes work pretty good in this carb. Can anyone point me in a direction on where to buy them? And what thread count they are? Or any other information on what jets work well. Thank you much.
Posted By: Reed

Re: Jets - March 25th 2018 4:49 am

Standard Holley jets should work. Slants were notoriously jetted lean. 61-63 would be a good step up. For more info about jetting slant six carbs than you will ever be able to digest, head over
Posted By: pockets

Re: Jets - March 30th 2018 12:40 am

Ok so I did a rebuild on the Holley 1945. This was a remanufactured I got a few weeks ago, figured I rebuild it myself. Glad I did too. I also put a size 62 jet in. The jet in there was slightly bigger maybe a 64-65? The only number on it was 298. And it looked old, so they didn't put a new jet in. I have no idea what a 298 is. Any ideas?
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