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Western Chassis drop spindles VS G20 Shorty #779250 07/21/2021 2:48 AM
by Baker
Hello all,
I researched the forum and was unable to come up with a definitive answer on lowering my G20 shorty with drop spindles off a C20 truck. Bel Tech says that they don't make anything and Western Chassis says that they make a 2 inch drop spindle for a C20 but nothing for a G20. I saw it was mentioned that the ball joints are different on the two examples, so I decided to go ahead and order a set from Western Chassis and see if I could make them work.
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Re: Western Chassis drop spindles VS G20 Shorty #779262 Jul 21st a 03:37 PM
by Baker
After a detailed investigation I realized that YES - there is NOT a "conversion" lower ball joint that could marry the two parts together. Aside from finding anoterh set of lower controls arms I had another idea. So where to go when nothing factory will work? To the race shop, of course!

I live in the middle of NASCAR country, so there are many race shops selling new and used race parts. I toke my problem to Heinze Racing, and the guy looked at it and said "I have just the solution! There is a "racing" lower ball joint that comes with a undersized ring that the ball joint presses into. On many applications this is welded into tubular lower control arms, so it is quite common and inexpensive.
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Re: Western Chassis drop spindles VS G20 Shorty #782579 Sep 21st a 01:48 AM
by CatFish
The GVWR for a '95 SWB G10 is 3166 pounds front......for a G20 it's 3400 pounds front..... that's only 234 pounds.

The total GVWR for the G10 SWB is 6000 pounds and the G20 SWB is 6600 pounds. The "regular" WB show the same numbers. According to the 1995 model selection summary. I just looked at the '95 year model.

Not a lot of difference there.....

Incidentally the regular WB G30 showed 3400 pounds front as well unless the HD option package was picked....
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Re: Western Chassis drop spindles VS G20 Shorty #779251 Jul 21st a 02:58 AM
by Baker
Well when they did arrive they look about the same, but the stud holes are larger on the C20 spindles than the stock ball joints on the G20. The threaded part of the ball joint shaft is physically thicker than the G20 ball joint staff. This is both on the top control arm and the lower control arm.

I presumed that you could buy a set of C20 upper and lower ball joints and have them bolt into the G20 control arms - NOT SO. (sort of)

The C20 upper ball joints will bolt in when you remove the stock G20 ball joint rivets and bolt the C20s in. Part number on the upper ball joints are a Moog K6292

The lower ball joint - not so easy...
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Re: Western Chassis drop spindles VS G20 Shorty #782618 Sep 21st a 11:56 PM
by jcd74
The sad truth? IE C10, G10*20. 84 as the sample (I believe 70's may show that the 10 was 4.75 wheel lug pattern and 154 pad, Remember they made early G20 6 lug much like the trucks!) Lower BJ 6117, upper 6136 all models, you will also see they use the same A3, A5 wheel bearing. The brakes will also work on many 70's to 80's cars, so yes if you see 71-76 impala you can use the rotors and calipers. Want to be weird try using mid 70's caddy rear caliper and add front parking brakes. Want just a 1 inch drop on the front end? use same 70+76 impala lower BJ and see what rubs. My brother just brought home a 66 C10 from the looks of it he could take my whole 89 G30 front end and go 8 lug! Some tweeks may be needed for the steering and sway bar? Only when you get to the 30 things start getting Heavy Chevy. My 89 is weird the frame rails are straight from the front door back, the front leaf spring mounts are bolted on. My 84 G20 the pass. side frame rail combined the side door rail and the front perch was welded in You can mix and match all day..
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Re: Western Chassis drop spindles VS G20 Shorty #782574 Sep 21st a 12:17 AM
by jcd74
I was waiting for you to say they sent you a 8 or 6 lug brake kit. If you want to do drop spindle on 5 lug, use the c10 spindle, they come in both flavors 5 on 5 and 5 on 4.75 wheel pattern. The brake rotor thickness is the other giveaway, should be 1.25" rotor I don't think they used the car pad on the vans but I could be wrong. When you search drop spindles for C10 you will see these 2 choices, stick to 73-87 truck. In the early 70's GM made a change in the vans to offer more tire choices, they went to the 5 lug. Remember cars of the 70's where built with the 5 on 5 lug pattern (Impala). GM did not work so hard creating new suspensions, Surprise early 2WD S10 is G body! The G body guys love using the C10, G10-20 upper BJ for a improvement. If you have a hard time finding a set of lowers, I pass thru to the other SO CO and could meet you near the I95.
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