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Spooky Ghost Van #776717 05/25/2021 9:07 PM
by Rusty Pancelode
Rusty Pancelode
I was sure I would have told you guys this, but I searched all around here, and I can't find any reference to the story.
So here goes...

Back in the summer of 2019, I was surfing F-book, and a buddy of mine had asked his sister if she wanted to go see Willie Nelson with him.
She said "she wasn't really into country music", which made me butt in and say that Willie was a legend and transcends genres.
So my buddy asked me to go with him instead. LOL
He bought the tickets, and I agreed to drive us out there, and pay for parking and food.

It was Willie's Outlaw Music Festival deal, so it was one of those all day events.
We decided ahead of time that we'd get there about half way through.

When the date came, I figured it would be fun to take the van, as my buddy had never seen it.
He likes my quirky stuff anyway, so it was the perfect kind of ride for a day of fun.
I drove over to pick him up (about 45 minutes), then we went the rest of the way over to the venue (about another hour or so).
We got there, pulled into the parking lot, and found a spot right near the entrance right away (parking was free).
It was just before 5:00pm when we got there, and it was about 92* outside.
We hopped out, locked the van, and went on in.

The show was great, and even though it was an outdoor venue, it never got uncomfortable as we were in the shade and they had a lot of fans to move the air around.
We stayed the rest of the show, which was over just after 11:00pm or so.

When we went back out to the van, I unlocked my door, opened it, and got hit with a wave of cold air.
I hit the unlock button, and when he opened his door, he said, "What the hell? That's cold!"
I laughed and said, "Yeah, what's that about? Was somebody using the van's A/C while we were gone?
(The van only has the stock dash A/C.)
He said, "I don't know, but it feels good. How long were we here? Five or six hours? It's been in the low 90s the whole time and we were parked in the sun. How does that even happen?"
We laughed about it, went and got some food, then I took him home and then went on home myself.

Later, when he was telling his sister on F-book what a great show she missed, he mentioned that she also missed a spooky ghost van that stayed cold like a walk-in-freezer while we were there.

The odd thing was...
About two months later, it did it again.
Me and my son went out to take it to the library, and it was cold inside when we opened it up.
It had been sitting overnight this time.

I told my buddy about that second time and he said he'd like to try and figure out how/why it was doing that, and that it sure was spooky.

Maybe in another life it was an ice-cream truck?
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Re: Spooky Ghost Van #776787 May 27th a 12:55 PM
by CatFish
It's a white van thing.....
Actually glad to hear something like this from someone else. I figured people would think Penny and I were nuts....
If I had a couple of hours I could tell you some stories about our white GMC. Driving all night without fuel, new flashlight batteries (in the pack) going dead, flashlights working without batteries, van starting with a dead battery as the AAA tow truck pulled up (not kidding!) and yes, the warm/cold thing.
Too many things to tell here. It seems to be very protective of us whatever it is and we've named her and we talk to her all the time.

Maybe we are nuts.
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Re: Spooky Ghost Van #776719 May 25th a 09:21 PM
by pontiac59
The ghost will go away if you ask him to chip in for some gas
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Re: Spooky Ghost Van #776798 May 27th a 10:24 PM
by wrcsixeight
Last December I was driving my White van cross country along I-10.

All was well, I was doing 65mph at about 2AM going east through Louisiana, I think it was on the I-12 section bypassing NO, when my dog, on her perch on passenger seat armrests stands up and starts barking and whining and wagging her tail like there was somebody in the back seat.

Somebody specific, an elder friend who she loves who owned and still owns white vans, but whom also came down with dementia quickly and was put in a memory care home a few weeks prior.

She kept on for a while, then I noticed my Speedo Needle, usually rock steady at such speeds, started bouncing wildly +/- 15 mph around that 65 mph.

Eventually, she and the speedo Needle settled down to normalcy, and when driving westbound back through louisiana a few months later the events did not reoccur.

Them ghost adventure/hunter shows always use their magnetic detectors as 'proof' spirits are nearby, and The speedo needle is controlled by magnets, and I did read something once about magnetic anomalies in Louisiana, but I think My Dog saw her belly rubbing ear scratching protein providing friend, as his spirit left to wander from his failing mind/body.

That, or aliens ;)
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