Just discovered this and it has resulted in me buying a bunch of stuff.

Rockauto seems to have some reasonable selections for our vans, this technique finds you the stuff for your van that is on sale.

-Go to Rockauto, configure your van, then select the right engine. The engine description has a little "RSS" icon next to it, click that
-A New page opens, in the the top right box it says "Love a bargain", next to that is a little blue icon that says "HTML"; click that.

Then you will find all the "Wholesaler Closeout Parts" for your vehicle.

I noticed
- some of them only have one item left. Kind of annoying for things that are best bought in pairs
-every time I put something in my cart the page changes, to my cart, and I had to start again. Kind of frustrating

Maybe that helps you guys out? Hope it does