Anyone able to point me to a manual that would tell me where my coolant sensor is?

The shop I brought it to quoted me 1850 cad, said if it goes over they will call before doing the work

Picked up the van a week ago, they wanted to charge me 2700 and I said no [censored] way. Guy pulled some sleezy tactics I guess as after the fact he goes and says it was a rough estimate, to which I asked why he didn’t call like he said he would and he argued he never said that he would.

Ended up costing me 2450 in the end, which is still quite the piss off with the dishonesty. To top it all off, they left my AC solenoid unplugged, my oil gauge is unplugged/not working, and my temp gauge hasn’t been working since the work was done.

These WERE working before hand. I want to make sure they didn’t remove them completely and just forgot to plug them in, otherwise I’m going to be making a few more angry phone calls.

Other than that it seems to be running fairly smooth, I’m wondering if it’s running a bit rich due to lack of temp sensor but with a van this old I’m not sure if that’s how it works.

Thanks again all