laugh I saw it, heard it. Is it? Could be, the smallblock V8 helps.

So, you see a vehicle, needs motor. Gotta have a V8. What to do?
In California, It has to pass smog. Lots of Vans, don't.

Good low mile junkyard non computer motors? Low inventory of original units.
Van JY Inventory here? 2. 1 G20, 1 B250. Both V6. cry Gotta have a V8. What do you do.

Go to a later model V8. What about EFI? TBI? Do I need the computer, engine harness? No.
Not unless you want a boat anchor. Just kidding. Sometimes a terminal failure on the ECM, motor is still good, but will not run Dodge carb, ECM prior TBI is bad, the TBI is not much better. To fire and run the motor you need a HEI type distributor, coil, plugs, wires, wiring to the coil.

TPI however, is the way to go on waking up a V8. Also, Cam profiles are different for Fuel injection. So Carb adapters may be out there. So. If High performance is the goal, you can switch cams.

One wire Chevy Alternator, Coil/Starter wiring. FP, Fan, lights, Brake light. Accessories.

As long as that motor will take an intake manifold/carb, and a HEI distributor. It will run. In anything.

GM? V6 4.3, 305 to 350, 454. No fuel pump opening on the Block? Run an electric low pressure pump. Trans? Powerglide! lol, T350, 400. 700R4 or 4L60. The E OD electric trans can be controlled, with a controller.

You could do a THC200, auto? but why? lol

And for the BBC, a Turbo 400, or a 4L80 OD switched.
The 454 Mark V 7.4 block for 1991 has no provision for a mechanical fuel pump.

Mopar? Smallblock in anything up to 1993.

Any LA series smallbock V8. All 318/5.2 TBI, 360/5.9 TBI Pre 1994, pre "Magnum," TPI. Yes.

The 4.7 V8? No. Newer design intake.

Marks the end of the non Hemi Smallblock V8 era.
The end of the Mopar 'Wedge' shaped combustion chamber, modern V8 LA series smallblock V8, Used by Chrysler for 75 plus years. Over after. 2003 The OG Wedge motors, 383 V8.

The 3.9, 5.2, 5.9 roller motors came to the Van platform later than sedans and trucks. In, All Vans by/from 1994 through 2003. Magnum with TPI up to when the B Van production ended after 2003.

The 4.7 TPI is a Good motor though, unless overheated, or oil sludged up. Plugs are buried. TPI. the TPI Magnum Smallblocks are Monsters. Except the 3.9 V6.

5.9-360, available in the Dodge B-Vans with a carb until 1987. TBI after till 1994.
5.2-318, which received TBI and the A500 RH od trans in 1988.

You could do a 3.9, V6. Carb adapter, with a Rochester 500 2bbl. But why... lol

The A518 RH auto can be found behind the 5.9. These can be set-up non-computer controlled, with an od switch, like the A500 comes with stock. The Chrysler 727 auto trans had been around for 80 years.

The A500 / 518 OD is a 727 with switched a 4th gear unit on the back, with a lock up torque converter for lockup. The pans and filters for each are different.
Use ONLY Mopar approved transmission fluid.

Small Block Chevy

Big Block Chevy

Mopar Wedgy! LA series Smallbock to 1994.

BBC Blue
1990 Chevy G30 L19 7.4 EXT
Church Van, maternity division

1988 Dodge B250
LA series 318 Wedge 5.2 TBI A500

Cabin Cruiser
'94 Dodge B350
Xplorer MH model 230
230 hp LA series 360 Wedge MPI 5.9 A518 OD auto

Old vans are getting pricey!