My van failed tech for an autocross event. They were looking a bit frayed in places and the shoulder strap would not lock when the inspector gave them a quick yank. So effectively, I was driving with just a lap belt. I bought some new retractable 3-point belts from I didn't like the belts they suggested for Dodge vans because the shoulder belt anchor was too high. So I bought part # 310ppb-black. I called them after a week of no tracking number, they said they would be shipped from the manufacturer. The box had a JBugs VW parts decal in it, so I'm guessing they are the manufacturer. Made in USA.

Step one, pull the old belts and keep the anchor bolts.

I bolted on the buckle, its the 12" with sleeve.

Then the shoulder belt anchor. I pulled the old stiffening strap out of the old shoulder anchors and slid them in the new ones.

The get retractor located correctly I used the old bracket. Scissors cut the belt off easily. I cut the bracket down but didn't need to. The bracket is angled 20 degrees forward but the retractor must be mounted vertical.

The buckle tab was upside down but was easily flipped in the belt with the cover removed.

Finished belts. Seats are 2013 Dodge (Fiat) Dart.

Attached Files Old belts.jpgBuckle 12 sleeve.jpgShoulder extension.jpgShoulder stiffener.jpgShoulder mount hardware.jpgPass retract bracket.jpgRetrack mounting.jpgBuckle cover.jpgFinished belt.jpg
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