like the title, I have watched a number of tubes with people cooking and also camping out in their vans, I mention cooking because , really, do you think that someone in a park or residential neighborhood is not going to notice a van with the smell of cooking going on?
I'm not complaining, it interesting to see the guys and GIRLS camping out and being stealth, although I think the whole stealth thing has been ruined by the amount of people doing it. Cops can pretty much spot a stealth van as easy as we can, I've seen vans in an industrial hood, and they move around a bit and I don't see any lights but I am pretty sure there is someone inside.
I've got a pretty stealthy van, plain white, and I imagine that I could probably park in an industrial park and probably get away with it, but I have never really tried to do it. It is clean and tidy but the age of the van might give it away, its a 95, add to the fact I would have to blank out the windows in the back, I am only hoping that patrol car passes me up.
Oh well, I know I could fall asleep in the back of my van, but I sure don't want to be woken up by a flashlight on the door.