Talking to a couple members in my club (Shevanigans Van Club) and members of Renegades Vans out of Tennessee and we are already trying to get the logistics down for traveling to the 49th. Figure it would be good to post here so others can get involved, too.

We will get the dates figured out that our clubs want to be there, but plan to rendezvous at the Helheim Haunted Attraction in Wytheville, VA and sleep there for a night. This makes a good and short 4-5 hour drive up the WV Turnpike to the Nats. My club currently has members on the East Coast of NC, SC, and Va Beach areas, as well as in Western NC. Renegades has members in TN and in VA. We figure Wytheville is a good centralized meeting spot. I have already been in contact with the Helheim owner and he has authorized the use of his lot for overnight parking.

If anybody else will be traveling up (I know there are Clubs in Charlotte, Florida, Virginia, etc, and plenty of independent Vanners that will be coming up I-77), this would be a great spot for them to stop for a, as well. This would also let the old vans rest before hitting the WV Turnpike.

I will post more as I know more. Obviously, we are over a year out so I am kind of jumping the gun on this.

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