Can I get y'alls opinion on the rough sketch of the wiring diagram for my second battery system? I'm not looking for anything too serious, just want to run some LED's, light duty radio, and a 12v socket to charge a phone or whatever. I'll just be running one battery and a 100w solar panel. I didn't put wire gaugesas I'm not sure exactly where I'll be mounting everything yet. Any input is great, I've searched but sometimes it feels like I'm reading gibberish, but this is my best interpretation of that. After work I'll check what the max output is from the solar panel, one of my concerns is that if the voltage exceeds what the trigger voltage is for the battery isolator relay then it'll open up and charge both. Not sure if that's a terrible thing but maybe if that happens I can disconnect at the breaker for the crank battery?

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Once again, any input is appreciated, wiring is NOT my strong suit. I've put in relays for headlights and ignition switches etc but this is a whole system and I don't really want to mess it up. One thing I've seen is that with the voltage sensing relays and splitting the load you never quite charge the deep cycle the way you should and you should still plug into a trickle charger or something. I'm hoping the solar panel offsets that some being in Texas with plenty of sun.

Thanks guys