Hey guys,

Hopefully on Sunday I’m gonna confirm whether or not I blew a head gasket when I brought the van home, but I’m thinking I did. So if I’m doing head gaskets I’d like to simplify my vacuum system if possible. I’m a fan of reliability and something about leaving on a bunch of 40+ year old vacuum switches/amplifiers/etc seems sketchy considering most of that stuff seems NLA. I’ve been searching and searching but the info seems all over the place. I’m not necessarily trying to get rid of the egr or air pump, I’m not going for power or anything just reliability. I’m new to mopars and American stuff in general, and the Fiat I had before had 2 vacuum lines so I’m a little new to this stuff. I’m thinking I’ve got a holley 2245 and I ordered

This kit

In hopes of simplifying the setup.

Can I run the egr off of ported vacuum and get rid of the amplifier? I’m pretty sure the 2245 has ported vacuum for the distributor advance but not sure if there’s another I can run the egr from, or if that’s even a good idea.

Just looking for ways to simplify it, or maybe I’m overthinking it and should just hook everything back up as it is and trust it? Test the components as per the manual? Even if they work now I don’t want to be 500 miles from home when some diaphragm I can’t get busts a leak. But like I said, I don’t have a good grasp of how often that stuff fails being new to these vans.

Sorry for the ramble, just wanted to know what you guys thought.