My van was originally a 3 speed automatic and when I converted it to a 4 speed automatic (46rh) I decided it was better to connect it to a factory PCM after using the PATC kit which wasn't as good as I hoped it was. Anyways, at the time of converting it to a factory PCM to control the trans I was only able to find a 360 PCM from a 1500 truck and it worked great. However, it wasn't the right PCM for my 318 van and after a couple years that PCM just died on me. I can find PCMs all day long for a 94-95 van or truck but there are about 10 different ones to choose from. My hope is to create a list of PCM numbers with their options and maybe help other vanners along the way.
Along with the 46RH conversion I also added cruise control to my van which was an awesome addition!

So if anyone has a 94-95 318 with a 46Rh transmission with cruise control and federal emissions (non-ca) I would LOVE to know your PCM number. I will take a van, truck or even a Dakota. Thanks for any help!