So i'm starting my first build thread now
Like i mentioned in my introduction i'm working on this thing now to get it ready for the streets (german first registration has been done years ago but i need new tüv 🤮)

There're several things which needs to be done to it to get new Tüv :

Wheels (american racing outlaw II ) -done (just ordered a new set )
Tyres -ordered
Hydro pump leaking everywhere -see below
new leaf spring left -done
several Bushings front axle
brake discs/pads front -see below
brake lines front -ordered
master/slave cylinder leaking -ordered
Upper/Lower Ball joints front axle -ordered
Oil pan trans/engine/diff -ordered
Left front spring -see below

First questions :

part number for the hydro pump (Ps/brakes) 🤔

Brakes :
Someone did a bad job in the past which means that either the brake pads were too big or the discs too small...looks weird
There's just no complete contact between both
I've no clue what to order....part number/diameter would be great

Bushings front control arms (4 pieces ) part number !?

Springs are equal during the years ?!

[Linked Image]