I started following Dave Shutten (Galpin Auto Sports & Car Kings on Discovery Channel) over on Instagram. He posted this the other day. Have to say, I've never seen a chop done quite like this. I mean it seems to be working great for him, just thought it was really neat how far "outside the box" he went from doing a chop in all the traditional ways. So much has been done to this body, chop top doesn't even begin to describe it at this point. Going to look amazing when he's all done with it.

I'm not a fan of TV at all. We will watch movies as a family with the kiddos, but we rarely ever sit and watch TV shows. The girls and I are hooked on "Manhunt: Unabomber" right now on Netflix though as my eldest wants to get into some form of criminal investigations as a career. I will say though, after watching the episode of Car Kings looking for the Vannin' sticker, their show piqued my interest for sure. I'm so tired of the "5 day deadline" style car and chopper TV show format. I understand it sells, but GEEZ it's played out by now. I do like that there's not an overly pushed goofiness on Car Kings that makes other shops look like a bunch of clowns in a circus on other shows that I won't mention here.

Hope they start showcasing some vans in the show. I'll be keeping an eye on the show online to see if any cool van episodes pop up.

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