Hey there,

I've got a '73 Ford E100 that I would like to lift the rear end.

I had 2" block spacers on it however this was causing my driveshaft angle to go to 7.69 degrees with a 1/4" spacer underneath my transmission cross member.

I was going to attempt to put a 1/2" spacer under the transmission cross member to hopefully get the driveshaft angle down closer to 5 degrees.

The driveshaft "stock" (without 2" block spacers) is at 6.36 degrees currently.

I went through 3 u-joints in the back before I gave up on my initial method.

My question is has anyone had any experience lifting the rear of these?

I'm running 215/70R14's in the rear and I'd like to go as cost effective as possible without changing the rear wheels to say 215/70R15's or something bigger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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