I have searched the internet for a parts lookup diagram for my 98 Chevrolet 1500 Express van with no luck.

Whenever I am driving on the interstate doing 70 and it's raining cats and dogs, water leaks onto whatever I am carrying in the back of my van. It's not a flood just enough to get stuff wet. It doesn't seem to leak when the van is parked.

Initially I thought the gaskets around the rear pop out windows was where the water was coming from. So the other day I went to a DIY carwash to give my van a bath and when I was done, opened the rear doors and noticed water on the floor. There was no water on the inside of the windows so I am ruling out the gaskets around the pop out windows.

Look at the enclosed photo with the red arrows. There is a gasket that runs along the top. It's not the actual door gasket that when stretched out is 10 feet long. This gasket is about 4' long. The gasket ends where the left hand red arrow is pointing.

I think this gasket has just got crushed over time and is not sealing.

Anybody know where I can find the GM part number for this gasket? I really don't know what to even call it when doing a search.

I could possibly just use some universal peel and stick weatherstripping.

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