Now that the van has been at home for a week I’ve had some time to crawl on, in and under it. Happily, its as rust free and clean as the previous owner described which is a surprise since the words rust free and Canadian vehicle almost never end up in the same sentence. I wasn’t a big fan of the running boards so I removed them right away and think it looks far better without them. I also removed the lettering along the rocker panels.

My plans are to do a few minor repairs and get a few miles on it before it has to go away for the winter. The first thing on the list is the brakes. I’ll be picking up pads, rotors, bearings and seals this week. After that it’ll be drums and shoes for the rear. When I drove it home I noticed a bit of a drone from the rear. I’m thinking it might be the rear axle bearings. Once we settle into winter hibernation I’m going to replace all the fluids and filters, check out the belts and hoses and replace the shocks.

I’m planning on using it for summer road trips so a few interior modifications will be planned. I’m going to come up with a way to make the fold down bench seat a little more sleep friendly, possibly add a second battery and a small solar panel to power a 12-volt fridge, some USB plugs and lights.

I’m not sure this will qualify as a build thread, maybe more of a post a couple of pics whenever I get some free time to hang out in the garage kind of thread.

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