I've posted a few other places on the board about my new van. My girl and I got our dream shorty - a 1981 Chevy g10. It's a beauty. Almost everything is rebuilt - carb, brakes, water pump, new thermostat housing, fresh paint job, you name it... I think the alternator, smog pump, and power steering pump are the only things that weren't rebuilt/replaced either before we bought it or since we've had it.

We've driven it halfway across america already, and it's starting to show it's faults, which we've successfully fixed so far on every occasion.

But now we have a real dilemma and I definitely need some help and advice, and if anyone in the NYC area can work on these, let me know!! This new problem is way out of my abilities.

It's a 250 integrated six, and lucky us, we just got a crack on the exhaust manifold, and my local mechanic and local meineke don't have the ability to work on it cause it's cast iron. Now if I can get it welded, then that's one thing but who's to say it won't crack again somewhere else?

I would be up for replacing it with an older non-integrated 250, which is totally fine, but I haven't looked yet for any local junkyards or people that might have them.

And the biggest problem is even if I do find one, I don't have the ability to take out the old one and put a new one in.

So.... that's where I'm at. I'm definitely getting desperate for someone to come along and help out. We really love this van, and are really excited to become part of this community. But we need some serious help. So any advice is appreciated.