it was in part due to the dajiban style that i ended up going with the dodge. but what i didnt research enough was how to actually lower the van. looks like no one makes a kit for the van, so i gotta get parts for other vans and make it work on this one. the rear suspension looks simple enough, get some shackles, maybe have to cut it down to fit, and you got the rear lowered. the front however sounds like a major thing. what ive seen so far that makes sense, is:
  • get a g20 front lowering spring, maybe cut this down ??
  • get custom or shorty shocks intended for some other vehicle
  • possibly get new spindles for a dakota??
  • possibly get new brake calipers ???

im not going true dajiban racing, but i will bne on the highway a lot and most likely with a motorcycle or two in the back. so keeping some suspension is important. i just want it to be about 2" lower. hows my list sound?