I am a happy chappy tonite, I just received a call from from a guy I DEAL WITH saying my Chevey G10 Shorty front carpet has arrived, he also said he forgot to bring it round but its in the back of his ute in his driveway, he forgot coz he rushed round to his girlfriends place as its St Valentines Day and hes taking her out to dinner. You left it in the back of your ute in the driveway.!!!
I wasn`t happy about that. fortunately his girlfriend lives just a coulle of miles from me so I jumped in my car and went round to her place. Sure enough they were out and his ute (pickup) was parked half on the drivway and half on the footpath (sidewalk) In the dark with minimal street lighting.
EZ pickings for anyone who spotted a nice cardboard carton[i][/i][b][/b] with international postage stamps all over it. Now its in my car and I`ll check it out properly in the morning.
Why am I telling you this. Well The guy I mention is a nice guy, he imports cars and parts from the USA to Aust. I met him a year or so back when I bought the five Cragars for my van and other bits. He said if I ever wanted anything brought back just have it sent to his depot in long beach and he`ll bring it with his stuff. nice.
On July 6th last year I ordered the best quality front carpet from OC autocarpets in the Usa, As arranged they delivered it to my guys depot on July 16th. Good service on their part.
Yep...... you guessed it, tonite Feb 14th 2019 it just arrived. Ive yet to get a reasonable answer as to why it took so long. Thats why I was peed off to hear that it had been virtually left on the street for anyne to lift. I`ll still buy parts and cars from him when the occasion arises, but never again will I use his ultra slow delivery service...LOL.....