I'm getting ready to start building some custom door panels for my front doors and barn doors. I have several ideas, but am running into some hurdles visualizing what I want to do..

So.. If you have custom door panels of any sort for your front doors, or barn doors. Please post some pictures. (Not really interested in conversion van style panels at this point, unless they are the unattainable "Explorer" panels)

My favorites that I've seen are from Vangerine. Obviously these are a bit over the top to build at home, but they do look nice.

I was thinking that I would do a 1 piece panel that covers more of the door since the paint on the inside of the doors isn't perfect. I cut the main pattern out of cardboard to fit the door.. Having "writer's block" of sorts though with how to design the rest and need motivation lol. There are lots of custom designs on google, but almost none for old vans which have an odd door shape.

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