I have a been a 2+ year member to this site reading and learning as we all do. Although this is my first post on this site I am not new to "Vanning".

I have owned many 4WD drive vans over the years. I currently have 2 vans. The first van is a 2001 Chevrolet 3500 1 Ton Quigley 4WD conversion built for the government as an ATF "Bomber" van.

My second van is a 1996 2WD Standard Wheelbase Dodge B350 "Sportsmobile Pop Top" conversion van. I am interested in LIFTING this Dodge van 2-3 inches max to allow for greater ground clearance and the addition of larger tires.

I know that lifting the rear of the van is easy it's the front suspension for which I am asking this question. I have considered adding spacer's to the stock springs, new taller springs to replace the stock springs and the exchange of the front lower control arms from van lower control arms to PU truck lower control arms which will give a "Lift" as the spring pocket in the PU truck lower control arms is 2-3 inches higher in position than the Van lower control arm. All of these ideas will provide a a 2-3 inch lift on the van however they also could have a major impact on the suspension geometry, the ability to properly align the front suspension and the introduction of "Death Wobble" when driving the van.

Given that this van is 2WD, Dodge Vans are Unibody in construction with the front suspension control arm mountings on the Uni-Body frame leads to my question:

Is there a good/safe way to "Lift" the front suspension of my 2WD van 2 inches to 3 inches MAX over stock suspension height without major component surgery or goofy suspension component angles that will not put undue loads on ball joints and tie rods other than the choices I have already considered above?

Below are pictures of my 2 vans.

I look forward to your ideas and suggestions!

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2001 Chevrolet 3500 Quigley 4WD ATF "Bomber Van"
1996 Dodge B350 Sportsmobile "Pop Top"