Hi can anyone help me, I just bought a 98 dodge the entire front of frame is rotted tried to weld but it broke a few weeks later. I paid 800. For this van.all I do is work to try to save money I have a son on disability we live in this van been trying everything to move forward.
Does anyone on the east coast have anything for sale that has good frame and body mounts. ? I airbrush very well. Willing to paint for you. I did the ohio nats with JT Spy years ago. Something in the 5 -800 range. I'd do a motor swap if I had a good body. Also have another dodge ram in Wyoming in storage that I just put a new tranny in willing to trade that too. I dont have the means to get it. Costs more to get van there than to buy another here in Boston. Please help it's already cold here. You can reach me at kingsetcher@gmail.com as I'm not too good at navigating this forum. Thank you in advance nancy