Went to the store and parked the car (yes a car but this is about a common transmission issue), came back out and no reverse.
Could not push in reverse withe the engine running
Could not push in neutral with the engine running
Park would "load" the engine.
No reverse.

In park , neutral , and reverse it acted like it was locked in two gears at once and stalled against the torque converter. All forward gears acted normally.


well then :-)
List of damages
Broken belleville spring ,
Shattered accumulator spring
My pride
I installed the belleville spring backwards (they said it couldn't be done)
So out it came and got it all back together and reinstalled
Missed the kickdown and low/reverse band adjustments by that much.
Find out after the fact that the old skooll method is to tighten the band while rotating the shaft back and forth until the respective drum stops and back off the appropriate number of turns. Do the same with the other band. Done. The explanation is that torque wrenches vary , especially at in/lbs and so do drums, bands,and adjustments. This method is universally reliable.
Add a drain plug, the first time.
If completely drained and cleaned it takes time to bleed a valve body. A common symptom is a unexplained downshift under deceleration. It feels like a total lockup but is actually a 3 - 1 .. Will occur when not fully warmed up and in the first few trips.
I may not make it back any time soon but I will help any who ask .
Thank You again.