Hello everyone!

My 80k 95 G20 was basically a garage queen for years. Trail king phantom with front and rear ac.

Charged the ac but it leaked and required a recharge. Wound up seemingly being the caps/Schrader valves on the oem accumulator.

Then replaced with new accum and orifice tube. The orifice replacement was clogged and freezing the high side from right out of the evap box to just below the orifice tube location.

Replace that with another closer to the factory style orifice tube. Three cans( at 12 oz a can) for a 60 oz capacity its sweating the line slightly right after ghe evap core box before it turns back up for the orifice tube. Is this normal?

Don't want go charge it more if i need to replace the evap core.

Read ac is always considerably colder than the front too. Whats that about?