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Astro/Safari parts

Van now re-homed & could do with making room for more van-stuff laugh

Having technical 'issues' mad, please message me to sort pics. sorry...

A/C radiator from Chevy Astro / GMC Safari van 1995 £15
Slam Panel from Astro / Safari van 1995 £10
Sliding door from Astro / Safari van 1995 (includes locking mechanism / handles / no window £20
Sliding Door upper roller bracket £25
RH rear Door from Astro / Safari van. Includes handle/lock mechanism (untested) and opening window. £30
RH Front (Pass) door from Astro / Safari van 1995. Includes glass. window mech. Locks & handle etc. (untested) £25
Headlight shroud panels (Headlight doors) (1994) complete with turn signal/marker lights £20 each
Grille Panel from Astro Safari van 1994. Some clip damage (repairable) hence £10
Rear lights (good inner bulb housings). 1 has scratch. £30/pair
3x Step Covers (liners) from Astro / Safari van 1995 £20/set
4.3 V6 lower intake manifold. Undamaged, from Astro / Safari van 1995 £20
New (trial fit only) Towbar including ball and electrics for Astro / Safari van. £80 (cost £120). Fits up to 94 stock rear bumper without cutting. Would need to modify rear cover for later / Japanese import & bodykitted vans.

Will deal on multiple parts cheers

Location: Hereford, UK.

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