This setup was removed from a 1986 Chevrolet Pathfinder 4x4 conversion van. This kit will allow you to use a regular 2 wheel drive turbo 400 or 4L80E with a 4.5 inch output shaft and bolt a Ford style NP205 (drivers side front shaft output) and not have to worry about changing your output shaft out to a 4x4 style. Will only work with a 4.5 inch tailshaft. Uses a coupler short shaft to make up the extra distance. I would like to sell the setup as a whole package. At least the transfer case, adapter, and coupling shaft. The transmission is in good working order but I would rebuild it to your specs if wanted. The transfer case is a stock 205 with a drivers side front shaft output. It has bolt on yokes for the front and rear shaft. It has an electronic pulse generator for the speedometer instead of a cable attachment. If there are any questions please ask. Price is for everything, transmission included. Contact me for other pricing options. This rig would be perfect for someone who wants to builda 4x4 chevy van. 317.410.9918 email is

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