Looking for a nice driveable 65 or 66 dodge a100 truck with a v8 not to worried about paint or too much rust but really want it to run well or also looking for a deuce and a half m35a2 I want a big ass military truck to park on the whole curb in front of my house and for moving back to Wisconsin when I get out of the navy. I won't be able to buy it till tax returns come in but I got a budget of 4k maybe a little more I found a nice 66 dodge on Craigslist but the guy didn't have any way to contact him! Please let me know! I should mention I live in San Diego area and would love some company working on my van I'm having problems with hit me up! Nine 2 zero 6 two nine 58 one 8, or email pauljmeyer1992@yahoo.com
Keep on vannin!