So as in the title I have an 05 grand caravan. I replaced the whole front end previously. After replacing the struts a few months back I need to get an alignment as these has adjustment slots for aligning it where the stocks didn't. I had already replaced ball joints, tie rod ends, pack and pinion. Was great til big o [censored] it up when aligning it. After driving a while I noticed it started shaking again. Got in there they didn't tighten my driver strut. So I tightened it back up. Noticed really bad wear on my tires. Replaced the CV joints for good measure took it back to big o a diff one and they realigned it for free told me my rack and pinion looked like it might be bad. Since it's still under warranty I just replaced it for the second time in a year.
After a while my power steering went to crap. Maybe a week later. So I thought I need to revised it. So I do. Then find out u can't bleed it old school ways. So I hook up a mighty vac hand pump and cat get it to 22hg. I come back after 5-10min and no vac pressure any more every time. The thing is not so good at sucking lol. I replaced the pump as I had two spares the last were remans. I still couldn't get it working right. Said [censored] it drove around for about a month or so no PS and it was not fun.
Last night I get home and decide let's do this. Van fixing time right. Swap out the PS pump again. Then I notice my account pulley is really tight and I think the clutch engages occasionally when Ac is off. So I yanked it out and bypassed it for now. Put a 79" on there and will put a new one on in the spring when I have a little extra money.
Well i went straight to the new way to bleed and nothing. No PS. Still don't work.
If I could get some help trying to figure out what is wrong here that would be great.