Am I really the only one having to troubleshoot stuff?

So... have a 440 with a thermoquad... 9211s for anyone who wants to get that detailed. The problem is it's gotten VERY hard to start. Seems the float bowl is going dry. There's a squirt when I first press the pedal, maybe half a squirt if I press it again, but thats it. Sits there and cranks and cranks until the fuel fills the bowl again. Once running... seems perfectly happy.

A little research brings the wonderful new Ethenol fuel mixtures into question. I have seen mention of installing an electric fuel pump to 'assist' the mechanical pump and to prime the carb before starting. I saw one person mention a small pin hole in the gas line causing a similar problem... while others seem to feel none of those would cause the problem.

Thought I would check here for other ideas. We're going to rebuild the TQ, even though we did so what seems like not to many years ago.