Just saw this van for sale. Crazy price and way to gaudy for me. What do you think?

For sale, Van dodge 1976 double differentiated full equipped camper and padded all over finished natural wood no rust spot and never saw a snowflake of his life, 6 tires Daytona 225 / 60r15 as new. Engine 318 dodge ram charger 1975 in the condition of nine air-conditioned sun-roof French style. Disco light inside AM-FM radio- bumper cassette and full chrome grilles no rust. Two Side-Trush muffler connected and legal. Has been to a few occasional exhibitions in Montreal and other places in Quebec many thousands of dollars invested in her life and she shines like a pearl always had her regular oil changes and her lubrication. Perfect for people who enjoy camping on road or stationary. Always plated and insured and check no inspection required as it already passed spent price 41,000 negotiable dollars.

1976 Dodge van twin diff